Telecom Auditing

Telecom Audits

Telecommunication costs are one of the top line item costs for businesses. At CER we conduct an in depth telecom audit – a historic recap of your voice plans, data, and wireless infrastructure, as well as potential billing errors, which may be refunded to your business. At CER, the goal of our telecom audit is ensure best-in-class pricing from your telecommunication supplier.

What is a Telecom Audit?

A telecom audit is a process by which our experts use proprietary software and techniques to review every item on your bills. Whether cellular service, land lines, PRI or VoIP, we can help. All too often, phone companies invent surcharges that they place on bills without the customers’ knowledge.

There are also frequently billing errors uncovered in telecom audits, such as charging for lines that have previously been disconnected or services that were canceled. In one case, we saw a company charged four years for services they no longer received! However, the bills were so confusing, they did not even understand what they were paying for.

With our telecom audits, we look at a number of issues such as:

  • Charges for previously terminated services
  • Charges for services that were never installed
  • Charges for date ranges in which service was not provided
  • Surcharges and additional fees which the client should not be paying
  • Lease payments for equipment where the lease has completed
  • Lease payments for equipment where the equipment was returned or service was canceled
  • Rounding errors in per minute charges
  • Charges for services not used by the customer
  • Charges for services from a different client of the telecom, where the telecom erroneously linked that service to our client

Additionally, during the telecom audit we review the rates being charged for the various services. Often times, the provider is either charging high fees or a higher fee than was listed in the proposal. Because the telecom bills are so confusing, most clients do not find these issues and simply overpay for services.

In some cases, our telecom audits find the charges are correct but extremely overpriced in today’s market. In these cases, we are able to identify lower-priced alternatives. It is entirely up to you whether or not to take advantage of those cost savings.

Telecom Equipment Audits

In addition to the services, we can also audit the equipment that you are using and charges for that equipment. Ten years ago, companies relied on expensive PBS systems with extremely high lease costs. Today, most companies have transitioned to VoIP systems. Even with those, some unscrupulous providers add outrageously high surcharges, equipment rental fees and more.

We are able to review this, speak with your provider, and often negotiate lower rates. Here too, if you are unsatisfied with the services or rates offered, we may be able to negotiate a lower rate with a different provider with superior service. It’s your choice.

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