Software Licensing Auditing

Auditing Your Software Licenses – Save Money, Be Compliant

  • Many companies are not using properly licensed software and face penalties and lawsuits
  • Some have too many licenses and pay for services they don’t need
  • We can negotiate licenses for you, secure licenses at better rates, etc.

Software Licensing

Our team possesses the expertise required to properly scrutinize the complexity of software licensing agreements. Our experience over the years has proven that the expenses which may arise from insufficient planning during a software audit can be extreme. We employ a proactive hands-on approach to this issue, minimizing software audit risk and cost.

Proper software licensing poses two challenges to businesses. Some companies overpay for licenses, buying more than they need or paying exorbitantly high license fees. Other companies are out of compliance, and face lawsuits and fines for their neglect.

Not surprisingly, many companies face both scenarios. With CER, we are able to help with both.

License Auditing

One of the challenges faced by many of our clients is ensuring they have the proper number of software licenses. Some companies bought more licenses than they needed, and paid too much for those licenses. Other companies have the wrong license or may require additional licenses. Still others acquired software licenses at retail pricing, where we may still be able to negotiate lower rates.

Whatever the case, it is important that you properly assess how many licenses you have and how many you need. You need to know which products are licensed, which licenses are used on which machines, and the steps you need to take to save money on your software licensing.

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