Payroll Service Auditing

Payroll Service Auditing

Payroll is one of the areas of spending most executives look at to confirm they are adhering to governing rules and regulations. Payroll service auditing is how we review your payroll services and invoices to ensure you are receiving the services you are paying for, and are not overpaying for services.

Payroll services are an ever-evolving system which has allowed providers to inflate costs and introduce new surcharges. The CER payroll service audit will create a detailed analysis sheet that will identify potential line item savings from your current provider.

Payroll Compliance Auditing

One of the reasons companies frequently use a payroll service is to remain in compliance with state and federal laws. Our payroll auditing service can uncover mistakes and missing services that could put you out of compliance.

As all business owners know, there can be steep fines for missing deadlines, submitting the wrong forms or other acts of noncompliance. The payroll companies should be responsible for these activities as well as the timely processing of payroll, withholding taxes, and more. In some states, they are now involved with training and other compliance matters, such as sexual harassment training in New York.  Payroll service auditing can help you avoid expensive fines and penalties.

Are you receiving all of the services you’re paying for? Are they complying with state and federal laws? Are all of your filings being handled on time, with all deposits made in a timely manner?  Our payroll auditing services can assess all of this, advise you and ensure you have the services you need.

Our team will perform a full assessment of your payroll, help ensure compliance, and make specific recommendations to improve the process. Our payroll audit will help you avoid costly mistakes that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars per year and fines. Speak with our experts.

Auditing Fees and Surcharges Charged by Payroll Companies

Payroll companies charge fees for their services. These fees should be fully disclosed to you when you sign up for their service. However, many payroll companies have hidden fees and charges of which their clients are completely unaware. Are additional processing fees being added without your knowledge? Are charges being taken via ACH without you fully understanding what those charges cover?  During our payroll service audit we review these charges and make sure you aren’t paying a dollar more than you should for these payroll services.

Our team will assess all of the fees being charged by your payroll company and determine if they are correct and if they are necessary. Even if technically correct, we can often negotiate lower fees and deliver savings to you throughout the year. If you are not comfortable with your current payroll company and are unsatisfied with their activities, we will work with you to find a payroll company that charges fair and transparent fees for its services while delivering high-quality payroll services to your company.

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