Freight and Logistics Auditing

Freight Auditing & Logistics Auditing

CER will conduct a freight audit (logistics audit) to identify the lowest cost routing by comparing your carrier’s rates and services with nationally benchmarked rates of similar organizations in your industry. Our freight audit provides leverage to renegotiate your rates, reducing your costs month after month. We will also provide detailed data analysis in our logistics audit, strategy and coaching support throughout the process, giving a clear picture of your true shipping costs and revealing key areas where improvements and savings can be made.

Freight Auditing Finds Savings with TL, LTL and MSTL Shipments

Whether your company is using TL (or FTL, meaning Full TruckLoad), LTL (less than a full truck load) or MSTL (multi-stop full truckload), you may be overpaying for your shipments.  Our logistics auditing service does an audit on your freight invoices, looking for cost savings and refunds:

  • Are you receiving less favorable rates on your shipments?
  • Could you be shipping smarter, with better logistics services?
  • Are some of your shipments late, and are you entitled to partial or full credits on those shipments?

With our proprietary logistics auditing systems, we are able to perform a logistics audit on your shipments, identify overcharges, late deliveries and other issues, and work to get you the credits you are legally entitled to receive.

Additionally, based on your shipping profile and history, our freight audits can often find lower cost options (with the same carriers or others) letting you take advantage of every possible efficiency.

In the end, you save money, get better services and see positive growth in your business.

Freight Auditing is Important But Complex

It is universally agreed amongst shippers that the high charges of shipping is of major concern. An even bigger concern is over-billing and erroneous billing. However, with carriers and logistics companies, auditing is a complex process that deters many from pursuing their credits. Whether mistakes happen in classifications, rates and billing, or credits are due for late deliveries, one thing is clear: you may be overpaying for services.  Our freight audits / logistics audits can uncover these issues for you.

Note that we are not saying all of the carriers are acting in a fraudulent way. Rather, because of the tremendous complexity of the shipping industry, mistakes happen. Proper rates are not applied. Deliveries are late but not credited back. Whatever the case, you are entitled to have things “made right” and that includes proper billing and credits.

Freight Audit / Logistics Audit Analyzes Your Freight Bills

When we audit your invoicing, we look for a number of issues:

Was the shipment for one of your clients, or was this bill attached to your account by mistake?

Was the correct product classification used for the shipment?

Are you receiving all of the discounts offered in your agreement?

Was the delivery on time and to the correct location? You may be entitled to a partial or full refund;

Are there duplicate charges for the shipment?

Are the Accessorial Charges on your statement priced correctly?

Are the Accessorial Charges on your statement legitimate, or for things you did not receive?

Are you receiving volume discounts you should receive under your contract?

Are you being charged the correct taxes and tariffs on your shipments?

Our freight auditors and logistics auditors look at all of these, and more, to ensure you are being charged correctly on your shipments.

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