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Many companies are overpaying for electricity services. Others have infrastructure that makes poor use of electricity, running up monthly bills for no reason. LED lighting, solar, more efficient HVAC and other technology solutions can save you thousands of dollars each year.

It’s Not What You Earn: It’s What You Keep

One of the oldest adages in business still rings true: it’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep.

There are several ways to increase profits – raise prices, increase sales volume and lower costs. Which do you think is the easiest and most often overlooked? That’s right – reducing costs.

Too many businesses and owners perceive cost reduction as a painful thing, with owners and staff “giving up” things they need to do their jobs. Not so. With proper cost reduction, they keep what they need and simply pay less for it.

One of the biggest cost savings can be found in an essential service: electricity.

Reducing Electric Costs by Reducing Rates

One of the ways we help businesses reduce costs is by reducing their electric rates. This is the amount that you pay, on a monthly basis, for the privilege of receiving electricity, as well as the number of kW hours of electricity you receive each month.

Local utilities charge rates known as tariffs. These tariffs are established with the government and represent the rates you will pay for various services. These tariffs can be complex, with many classifications based on business type, location, hours of consumption and more. Not surprisingly, usage is often misclassified, or clients are charged the wrong tariffs. Our auditors will review your bills, look for mistakes and find you savings.

Best of all, we’re only paid when we are successful. There is no charge for the audit. We are paid a success fee on recovery and cost savings.

Reducing Electric Costs by
Reducing Electric Usage

Over the last 5 years, technology has improved significantly. While LED lighting has been around for a number of years, the cost of LED lighting has fallen drastically. For example, LED lightbulbs that once cost $23 per bulb are now under $2 per bulb.

LED lighting, for example, saves you money in multiple ways. With traditional lightbulbs, approximately 8% of the electricity went to the production of light, while 92% was spent generating heat (which is why old lightbulbs were so hot to the touch). This caused other problems, such as increased needs for air conditioning. Have you ever been to a wedding that started out pleasantly enough, and by the end of the event, everyone had their jackets off and were sweating? No, that was not because the room was overcrowded. The heat came from the hundreds of lightbulbs running at 140-170 degrees, roasting everyone in the room.

With an LED conversion, one catering hall was able to reduce its electric bill by over $500,000 per year, not just because of the reduced electrical usage by the light bulbs (approximately 1/10th the usage of conventional bulbs) but because of the massive reduction in air conditioning!

LED lighting is only one option. Updated, more efficient HVAC systems, digitally controlled thermostats and more can all lower rates while providing a comfortable environment for you and your team.

“Navigate Power” & “Verde Solutions”: Energy Procurement & Efficiency Technologies

Through strategic partnerships with both Navigate Power and Verde Solutions, CER now offers a full suite of energy-related services. We will work with you to identify the technologies that pay for themselves and bring you a cost savings from Day 1.

Solar energy, high efficiency HVAC, smart thermostats, LED lighting and more all contribute to your cost savings.

Best of all, many of these technologies can be financed, come with federal and state incentives and tax credits, and can truly operate with cost savings from the first day, without big outlays from your company. We’d be happy to discuss this in more detail. The savings can be significant.

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