What’s the CER Difference?

CER (Corporate Expense Reduction Group) is dedicated to saving you and your business money. Too many companies overpay for services, including credit card processing, freight and shipping, electricity, software licenses, payroll services and more.

At CER, we audit your agreements and bills to determine if you are being overcharged for what you receive, are being charged for services you do not receive, and/or are entitled for credits back on services not properly delivered (such as late shipments on FedEx, UPS and DHL).

Best of all, we charge no up-front fees for our services. We are only paid a percentage of the savings once we produce results for you.

MERCHANT SERVICES (Credit Card Processing Accounts)

One of the most confusing services used by businesses is the credit card merchant account. These often have a wide range of hidden fees, inflated fees, higher-than-expected charges and rates that do not comply with your original agreement.

When you accept credit cards, the credit card companies take a piece of every transaction. What if they are overcharging you by just 1%? On $1 million in sales, that’s $10,000 in overpayments!

With CER, we are able to fully audit these statements, find errors and overcharges, and negotiate better rates for you. If you choose (and this is completely optional and at your discretion) we can also help you secure new, lower rate merchant accounts.

Have a “high risk” business that other merchant companies do not want, or charge exorbitant fees to process? We have the industry contacts to get you a merchant account, even for these high-risk products and services.

If you are looking to see whether you are being charged correctly, negotiate lower rates with your current processor, or secure a new merchant account, CER is here to help.

How Corporate Expense Reduction Group

Saves Your Business Money on Credit Card Processing Fees

If you understand the secrets of the industry, it’s easy to save money on your credit card processing fees. Our management team has helped more than 10,000 companies save money, and we want to help you too. Here’s our process:

  1. Provide us with your merchant services statement
  2. We analyze the statement and look for coding errors, excessive charges or hidden fees that can be reduced or eliminated at no upfront cost.
  3. We then receive compensation based upon how much we are able to reduce your credit card processing costs.

We don’t stop at your merchant service fees! Corporate Expense Reduction is also experienced in analyzing other large expense line items to find you savings.


FedEx and other small parcel carriers are among the largest costs for many businesses. While these services may be vital to the success to your company, they often come at an unnecessarily high price. Overcharges, late deliveries, and billing errors all hurt you and your bottom line.

CER will provide a complete audit, recovering overcharges, refunds for late shipments, improper add-on charges and more. We will also renegotiate your rates for you, lowering your going-forward rates between 10-27%.


CER will identify the lowest cost routing by comparing your carrier’s rates and services with nationally benchmarked rates of similar organizations in your industry. This provides leverage to renegotiate your rates, reducing your costs month after month. We will also provide detailed data analysis, strategy and coaching support throughout the process, giving you a clear picture of your true shipping costs and revealing key areas where improvements and savings can be made.

If you are looking for competitive pricing, we can find this as well, demonstrating exactly how you can best save money going forward.


Energy costs are often a company’s highest monthly expense, and businesses may not be benefiting from energy deregulation or other cost-reducing energy-related services.

Through a strategic partnership with both “Navigate Power” and “Verde Solutions,” CER now offers a full suite of energy-related cost reduction services.

We work with you to lower your electrical expenses by utilizing:

  • Bill auditing and service reviews;
  • Optimization to proper service levels and tariff classifications;
  • Identification and implementation of energy saving technology, such as LED lighting, efficient HVAC, and digital thermostats; and
  • Solar energy and other green technologies.

Our team will work with you to bring down these costs, moving that money straight to your bottom line profits.


Our team possesses the expertise required to properly scrutinize the complexity of software licensing agreements. Many companies have too many software licenses, the wrong software licenses or pay excessive fees on licenses. In some cases, we may learn they are not properly licensed and help them bring their licensing into compliance to avoid penalties and legal fees.

We employ a proactive hands-on approach towards this goal, minimizing software audit risk and costs.


Payroll services are used by many companies to remain in compliance with federal, state and local laws. However, there are frequently misunderstandings regarding exactly what is required for compliance, and whether or not services are being received as requested. They are often overcharged for these services, paying more than their contracted rate, and receiving less than they’re due.

CER will create a detailed analysis sheet, identifying potential line item savings from your current provider and outlining deficiencies in service. We can negotiate lower services rates or, if you prefer, connect you with another payroll company that can provide the services you need at more favorable rates.


Telecommunication costs are one of the highest line item costs for businesses. From phone service to internet, landlines to VoIP and cellular, these services can add up quickly, and raise your operational costs well above acceptable levels.

During the CER Telecom Audit process, we review all of your voice, data and wireless plans and equipment. We look at your infrastructure to establish that you have the equipment and services you need. We then compare our needs-analysis to your contracts and bills to determine if you are being overcharged for any services, are being charged for services that you never received or discontinued, or are paying leases on equipment where the lease has expired.

At CER our goal is ensure best-in-class pricing from your telecommunication suppliers.

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