What is CER’s Main Objective?

CER is short for “Corporate Expense Reduction.” That’s what our business is all about. We are dedicated to saving you money by auditing the services you buy for your business and finding ways to help to reduce expenses. We are determined to add more profits directly to your bottom line!

What Services Does CER Offer to Protect Your Bottom Line?

We audit, analyze and renegotiate a wide range of services used by your business, including:

  • Merchant accounts (credit card processing);
  • Electric expenses;
  • Freight and logistics; and
  • Small parcel shipping (FedEx, UPS, DHL);
  • Billing Automation

We review every processing fee on your statements, identify errors and over charges, streamline your services, and renegotiate rates to reduce costs. We do not require a change in providers; if you wish to change providers, we compare options (including their obvious and hidden fees) and make recommendations.

Our fees are contingent upon measurable, realized savings.

How Does CER Get the Job Done?

We focus on three main issues: (1) overcharges for services; (2) negotiation of lower rates going forward; and optionally (3) comparing rates to other providers if you choose to do so.

Most importantly, with Corporate Expense Reduction there are no fees or commitment unless we save you money.

How Do We Identify Savings and Reductions?

CER analyses the statement for coding errors, hidden fees, and surcharges that are increasing your company’s costs. We use proprietary systems to analyze your expenses, ensure you are only charged for services you are receiving, and confirm that you are not being overcharged for those services. We do all of this with no upfront expense.

How Does CER Get Compensated?

We work on a contingency basis, which means no upfront costs. We are paid a fee based on the savings we find for you. CER shares in the savings we deliver to your company, ensuring our interests are aligned with yours. We are only compensated once your realized savings are put into effect.

Will CER Maintain Your Privacy?

YES, CER works for you. We are your advocates and sit at the table for you. CER is working to make your business work better.

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