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At CER our objective is simple: We want to save your business the greatest amount of money possible while maintaining your relationships with your current vendors if you choose to do so.

We validate that you have the ‘best in class’ pricing and your contracted rates have not inflated to higher costs, and that you have not missed opportunities to lower your cost for the same services. Our service does not require you to make any changes to any of your current relationships.

CER Becomes Your Advocate

Our proprietary system is a turnkey service for your business. You provide CER with the most recent invoices from the vendors you would like to audit. CER will run a line-by-line analysis of the different invoice statements from your vendors to determine potential savings – wherever they may be.

We then work with your providers to ensure you have the most aggressive, but fair, pricing moving forward. We value the importance of maintaining a good relationship with all your partners, and will only enhance your vendor’s relationships.

CER Management Team

Donald J Bellows founded CER in 2016 with one focus: to help clients save money. With 19 years’ experience in merchant services (credit card processing), Mr. Bellows has helped thousands of clients control costs by learning the intricacies of the banking and merchant processing systems industries. He has saved his clients thousands of dollars every year, while maintaining their current levels of service.

Mr. Bellows extensive knowledge of inadequacies in the industry, as well as recognition of massive overcharges suffered by millions of businesses nationwide.  He created CER to address these issues.

As he began working with clients, he learned of similar problems with other aspects of their businesses, including excessive and/or bogus charges on utility bills, parcel shipments (FedEx, UPS and DHL), freight and logistics charges, errors in software licensing fees, excessive charges from payroll companies, and overpriced telecom charges including local, long distance, toll free and VoIP charges.

Donald is regarded throughout the industry as an expert, focused on one thing: you.

CER’s Focus is on You!

CER knows that your bottom line profits are important to staying competitive and expanding your business. We pride ourselves on keeping pace with industry developments and offering new ideas as they become available.

From providing detailed cost analysis, to becoming your advocate and negotiating better pricing for you, we will help you grow your business by reducing unnecessary and erroneous costs and putting money straight to your bottom line.

Our Results are Guaranteed

We are so confident we can help that our results are guaranteed!

Unlike other cost savings companies who charge large up-front fees regardless of outcome, we only earn a fee if we save you money. If there are no cost-savings, or we are unable to negotiate lower rates for you, you pay us nothing!

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Call CER today at 844-400-4906 to discuss your business. We are able to save money for 94% of the businesses we work with. Call us today, with no risk or obligation, and learn how much money we may be able to save for you.

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