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Our Business Model

  • Risk FREE
  • Contingency Based
  • Drops Erroneous Fees
  • Demonstrates Real Savings

Who We Are

Corporate Expense Reduction (CER) is the nation’s premier contingency audit group, specializing in corporate spending for our clients while allowing them to maintain their current vendor relationships. With more than two decades of commercial banking experience, CER is the auditor of choice for merchants of any size in virtually all industries.

We focus on creating full transparency of your vendor’s fees, negotiate on your behalf and ensure that your business receives the best in-class pricing.

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3 Steps To Finding Your Hidden Savings

Our SAVE Program

Partnering with CER has no upfront or hidden fees. We are paid a portion of the savings only after you experience measurable results from our SAVE program.



CER will determine your current situation by uncovering bottom line expenses and hidden fees.



CER will generate a savings analysis report that indicates which line items may be reduced.



CER will engage your providers to verify your cost saving potential.



CER will execute savings solutions and strategies with your current providers.

Our exclusive “SAVE” program is a turnkey service for your business, with no upfront costs. Simply provide current vendor invoices and CER will begin the analysis process to determine your potential savings. We’ll then renegotiate on your behalf to ensure the lowest costs possible.

CER knows that your bottom line is important to staying competitive and expanding your business. We pride ourselves on being a leader in the industry and utilizing the latest technologies to help businesses like yours thrive. Our mission is simple, to SAVE you money.

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Industries Served

Non – Profit Institutions



Hotels & Hospitality

Freight & Transportation




Utilities & Energy

Banks/Credit Unions

Some of Our Clients and Partners


Message from Our Founder

Donald J Bellows is Founder & CEO of Corporate Expense Reduction Inc.

Don has a tremendous range of experience in the financial space.

His experience includes managing and developing merchant account relationships, working with companies in the NY MERC exchange, handling services for oil companies and more.

He spent over two decades in professional commercial banking.

During this time, he managed a variety of products and services for large and small business, including payment and billing solutions.

From companies large to small, Don was active in making sure they had the right products delivering the right value to his clients.

When recently asked why he started CER, he explained:

“As an employee of a large bank for over 16 years, I’ve seen companies fail to revisit and verify current rates from vendors. Many companies overpaid on rates and fees, others did not benefit from lowering rates in later years.”

Mr. Bellows thought it was critical that companies focus on having full transparency into vendor fees to ensure that their business receives the best in class pricing.

“Successful businesses are always focused on staying competitive and creating expansion opportunities. I’m fully prepared to be that dependable partner, firmly positioned to be your trusted advocate with the sole intention of providing excellent cost-saving solutions.”

Today Mr. Bellows consults with a wide range of clients across many industries. From merchant account services to telecom, shipping and logistics to utility expenses, he finds significant cost savings for clients across the board. Committed to his clients’ success, he offers his services on a contingency fee basis tied to the results of his efforts.

“Clients see the best results when their partners interests are aligned with their own. By sharing in the outcome, it demonstrates my commitment to their success.”

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